Astronomers to Embark on Hunt for Gravitational Waves

Astronomers to Embark on Hunt for Gravitational Waves

Published in the Journal of Science, a paper has suggested that astronomers from different countries including India, Japan and the United States are coming together start a search for gravitational waves.

It is known that the waves are produced by dense objects in space like a pair of black holes, hugely explosive events, like merging neutron stars etc. Waves are being sent into space by these and the astronomers are hoping to detect these waves.

They will be using advanced interferometers for the same and they are currently being built in Louisiana, Italy and other parts of the world. After the scientists are able to detect those, they will look for the origin of those.

Mansi Kasliwal, a Researcher from the Carnegie Institute for Science, said the Palomar Observatory, San Diego County, will be assisting in the research. “There has been a lot of work at Palomar to prepare for the search for explosions associated with these gravitational waves”, she added.

As per prediction by Albert Einstein in wake of his general theory of relativity, the gravitational waves are thought to be a form of curvature in the fabric of reality. The theory of relativity says that gravity is a visible result of curvatures in space-time triggered by mass.


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