Mark Duggan inquest: Police ‘planted’ gun near shooting site, says witness

Mark Duggan inquest: Police ‘planted’ gun near shooting site, says witness

Police ‘planted’ a gun close to the site where Mark Duggan was shot by a marksmen, a witness is expected to tell an inquest into his death.

The witness, known as Miss J, claims she saw an officer take a gun from a shoebox in a minicab and put it on grass 3m to 6m (10ft to 20ft) away from where the 29-year-old’s body was lying.

The woman, who lived nearby, was close enough to see in detail officers’ efforts to resuscitate Mr Duggan, a jury was told.

Ashley Underwood QC, counsel to the inquest, told jurors: ‘I need to explore with Miss J whether her evidence suggests a police officer took the gun from the minicab and planted it.

‘All of that evidence will give you the opportunity to explore that possibility.’

Mr Duggan had been under surveillance before he was shot when the taxi he was travelling in was stopped by armed officers in Tottenham, north London.

The shooting, in August 2011, sparked nationwide rioting.

A dozen of his tearful relatives joined jurors as they visited the site where Mr Duggan died.

During the 80-minute visit, jurors were invited to sit inside a silver people carrier parked at the scene to replicate the minicab the father-of-four was travelling in before he was shot.

Coroner Judge Keith Cutler also took jurors to the spot where the gun was found. Earlier, the jury visited Leyton where Mr Duggan was allegedly given the gun.


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